Our Story

Founded by the farmers who own, run and supply it, the KC Food Hub has 300 years of collective growing experience and embodies the deeply held beliefs that have sustained American farmers for generations, and new ideas to address the world in which we live.

  • Stewardship of the land and its resources
  • Mentoring of young and emerging farmers
  • Honest wages for honest work
  • Collaboration toward food sovereignty
  • Cooperative production planning, marketing and purchasing of supplies

Our nineteen small and medium-sized farmers are improving the economic viability of sustainable local agriculture by coordinating year-round production, by supporting emerging growers, by aggregating the distribution of product, and by bringing farmers and buyers together in a community that benefits all.

We aggregate through our ‘sub hub’ system: five aggregation sites, or ‘sub hubs’ where rural farmers bring their goods halfway to town, no farmer asked to drive more than 40 minutes. 

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