Farm Share Subscription

Our Farm Share Subscription includes local produce, and chef-created and farmer-tested recipes for quick and easy meal prep. Our add-ons include grass-fed beef and pork, pastured chicken, eggs, GF breads, ready-made keto meals, and even fresh bread. We’ve sold subscriptions to corporate office buildings in the past. This year, we’ve added neighborhood drop sites to address COVID-19 concerns and to keep everyone safe.

New this season: Neighborhood Farm Share 

Our weekly Farm Share subscription, similar to both Community Supported Agriculture and online meal kits that offer great convenience, delivers fresh, ready-to-prepare produce from our members’ farms to your neighborhood, to canihaveabite, or any convenient location.

We are working with neighborhoods to develop drops across the city for groups of ten or more. If you’re interested in creating a drop in your neighborhood, then reach out to us and begin to pull your group of ten or more together. We’ll need a coordinator to pass information and we’ll need a drop off location within the neighborhood that is safe access for everyone. We can brainstorm with you about it!

Ten Week Sessions

Your ten-week session can begin as soon as you have ten members signed-on and paid online. Each session rolls into another with the option to jump in or out every ten weeks.

The Details

We’ll need a neighborhood coordinator whom with we’ll coordinate delivery time and location. We are currently delivering to drop-off sites on Tuesdays, and we will add days as demand grows.

The weekly Farm Share includes 7-8 items. Each ten-week session is $250 plus tax, paid at the beginning of the session. A minimum of 10 members is needed to launch. We can add individuals members after that.

Our prices are kept low because we aggregate and distribute volume. Our seventeen farms are small and medium-sized, family or non-profit owned, and located in Kansas City and out to a distance of 100 miles. 

The Goods

Every week, you’ll receive seven to eight locally-produced, in-season items weekly including lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, bok Choi, radishes, turnips, green onions, and herbs in May; strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumbers, summer squash, cherry tomatoes, green beans, hydroponic lettuce, beets, carrots and potatoes in June; add heirloom tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, green beans, okra and basil in July and August. September and October bring cool season crops back and add apples, pears and winter squash, too!

We’ll start with a veggie box, then you can add-on eggs, raw-milk cheese and yogurt, grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and pork, gluten-free breads, ready-made keto-meals, and all the jams, jellies and pickles you can imagine. Can you say ginger? turmeric?

The Community

You’ll stay connected through the farm blog. We’ll include chef-made recipes. You can follow all your farmers on social media and arrange a visit out to the farms. You’ll be doing something good for your family while growing the local economy, and caring for the environment.

Why the KC Food Hub

We are farmer-owned and farmer-run. All the money spent on the Farm Share stays with the farmers of the cooperative. Many of us have operated our own CSA programs over the years, and now by aggregating we are able to feed more people.

Together, we have over 250 years experience growing food. As professionals, we are compliant with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act and some of us are GAP certified in addition.

Of our seventeen farms, twelve are certified organic or organic but not certified, and five are conventional though family-owned and sustainably run. The regular Farm Share Subscription will be a mix from all our farms. If you desire an organic-only box for your neighborhood, then please ask for more information. The cost will be $330 plus tax.

How to Sign up

If your neighborhood has already been organized, go online to register your household as a Farm Share subscriber. Sign into your neighborhood group

For more information about starting a group in your neighborhood, please contact Alicia Ellingsworth at 913-313-8456 or

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