Local Food Club

Get more food for your dollar and support local farmers in the process.

We provide meal-kits of locally-grown and farm-made products weekly.           

This unique Local Food Buying Club partners with your organization to create a custom box of fresh farm food including produce, protein, and value-added, along with custom recipes created by local chefs.  We will deliver to you weekly.  Contact us today to organize a Local Food Buying Club at your organization.   

Similar to the Community Supported Agriculture programs that now exist across this country, our weekly subscription service brings fresh, local produce from farm to you.  We are developing delivery sites this year in the KU Med area, River Market, Crossroads, Waldo, Mission Hills, and Brookside. Partnering with the local chefs who purchase our products, we will provide delicious, farmer-tested recipes each week.

Our prices are kept low because we aggregate and distribute volume. We keep our farmers on the farm farming. We ask that the delivery locations provide volunteers to manage the distribution. Typically two people for 2 hours for every 50 shares. We’ll need a minimum of fifteen shareholders to create a new delivery location.

We offer ten-week sessions and we suggest beginning the first week of May, the third week of July, and the first week of October. The cost for each session is $250 plus tax. The $30/week value includes from 6-9 locally produced items of the season including, for example, lettuce, kale, and radishes in May, cucumbers, summer squash, potatoes,and beets in June, and wonderful heirloom tomatoes, green beans and basil in July. Peppers, okra, and melons come on in July and August, carrots are ready in September, and cool season crops are back in October. We will include an occasional value-added product like jams, jellies, or gluten-free baked goods produced on-farm by our members. Protein items such as meat, eggs and cheese are available and can be added-onto any session.

Why the KC Food Hub

We are farmer-owned and farmer-run. All the money spent on the subscription stays with the farmers of the cooperative as our sales director and delivery driver are also farmer/owners of the cooperative. Many of us have operated our own CSA programs over the years, and now by aggregating we are able to feed more people as we feed our own families.

We look forward to joining with you to share our farm products and our farms with you. We invite you to our farms and look forward to sharing on-farm pot-luck dinners and volunteer days. We understand we are all in this together and we believe that what we do here matters. We believe we each bring unique and valuable gifts and we seek opportunities to share.

For more information, please contact Alicia Ellingsworth at 913-313-8456 or alicia.ellingsworth@gmail.com

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