Weekly Veggie Subscription

Our weekly veggie subscription, similar to both Community Supported Agriculture and online meal kits that offer great convenience, delivers fresh, ready-to-prepare produce from our members’ farms to your workplace, workout place, or place of worship. Our service includes farm-to-table-tested recipes for quick and easy meal prep.

Ten Week Sessions

We can start the sessions when it works for your group anytime after mid-May. Ideally, each session would roll into another with the option to jump in or out every ten weeks. We have produce, protein, and value-added goods year-round with high tunnel season extension at many of our farms.

The Goods

Seven to nine locally-produced, in-season items weekly including lettuce, kale, Swiss chard, bok Choi, radishes, turnips, green onions, and herbs in May; strawberries, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, cucumbers, summer squash, cherry tomatoes, green beans, hydroponic lettuce, beets, carrots and potatoes in June; add heirloom tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, watermelon, cantaloupe, sweet corn, sweet potatoes, green beans, okra and basil in July and August. September and October bring cool season crops back and add apples, pears and winter squash, too! We will include an occasional value-added product like jams, honey or gluten-free baked goods produced on-farm by our members. Protein items such as meat, eggs and cheese are available and can be added-onto any session.

The Delivery

We work with you to set a delivery day and time that works best for your group. Our farmers’ market style display allows for individual selection of each item, and an often popular ‘swap table’.

Our prices are kept low because we aggregate and distribute volume. We keep our farmers on the farm farming. We ask that the delivery locations provide volunteers to manage the distribution. Typically two people for 2 hours for every 50 shares. We’ll need a minimum of twenty shareholders to create a new delivery location.

The Agreement

The weekly share will includes 7-9 items. Each ten-week session is $250 plus tax, paid at the beginning of the session. A minimum of 20 members is needed to launch, but if that number is not possible, many of our farmers offer CSA and can accommodate smaller groups usually at a slightly higher fee.

The Opportunity

In true Community Supported Agriculture spirit, we welcome you to participate on our farms. While not required, we do offer opportunities for farm visits, volunteerism, pot-luck dinners and special events. You’ll stay connected through the farm blog. You’ll be doing something good for your family while growing the local economy, and you’ll see what the local food fuss is all about.

Why the KC Food Hub

We are farmer-owned and farmer-run. All the money spent on the subscription stays with the farmers of the cooperative as our sales director and delivery driver are also farmer/owners of the cooperative. Many of us have operated our own CSA programs over the years, and now by aggregating we are able to feed more people as we feed our own families.

For more information, please contact Alicia Ellingsworth at 913-313-8456 or alicia.ellingsworth@thekcfoodhub.com

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