Larksmeadow Farm

Larksmeadow Farm grows certified organic fruits, flowers and vegetables. Salad Greens are available from September through May, including the winter months when the greens thrive in the Hoop House. Fresh garlic is available by the Fourth of July. During the Fall season we harvest Ginger and Turmeric which grows through the summer. We grow a diverse variety of fruits and vegetables and we do all the farm work ourselves to ensure quality produce.

Larksmeadow Farm is on forty acres where we have our home with all our pets: horses, dogs and of course, the barn cat too. The farm’s tranquil location,  about 40 minutes from the Plaza, adjoins Lake Harrisonville, a 400 acre drinking-water reservoir in Cass Country.  On the lake there’s a bald eagle’s nest which has hatchlings every spring and migratory waterfowl coming and going with the seasons.

Larksmeadow Farm produces food and energy. Our Solar Panels produce between 1 and 2 MW hrs per month of electricity which runs the farm from the Spring to the Fall.