Moyer Farms

Nathan and Erin Moyer

Moyer Farms started as a small cattle and produce operation in 2013 in Richmond, MO.  We remain a small family owned business but have grown substantially.  In 2016 we made a major expansion by building a new barn and retail store 1 mile North of Richmond.  We specialize in green beans and tomatoes but also grow a wide variety of other produce to sell from our store and at farmers markets.  We also grow pumpkins and gourds of all shapes, sizes, and colors and winter squash for the fall.  In addition to produce and pumpkins, we sell raw honey from our beehives and grass fed beef.  Our goal is to provide our community with local, fresh, healthy, and responsibly grown fruits and veggies.

Moyer Farms is not completely organic, but we minimize chemical use as much as possible.  We are also committed to building the health of our soil.  To achieve these goals, we utilize farming practices such as cover crop, crop rotation, plasticulture, farmscapes, manual removal of weeds when feasible, strip till, minimal till, or no till as much as possible, and addition of high quality amendments to the soil.