KC Farm School at Gibbs Road

Members since 2018, KC Farm School at Gibbs Road brings individuals of all ages, ancestries, and abilities on-farm, hands-on connecting them to the land and soil, food, themselves, and their community. KC Farm School grows regeneratively on three urban acres in southern Wyandotte County, Kansas, and has acquired an additional eleven acres of raw, rolling land adjacent to Gibbs Road Farm to the east. They plan to create an urban oasis of growing and gathering spaces centered designed with permaculture that will facilitate conversations that matter. KC Farm School at Gibbs Road is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. They host their own on-farm farmers market and 40 member CSA in addition to selling cherry tomatoes through the Food Hub. Our Farm to School Director, Alicia Ellingsworth is co-founder and Executive Director of KC Farm School at Gibbs Road. Daniel Robinson, President of the Young Farmers Coalition of Kansas City, is the farm manager. His crew are Growing Growers apprentices.

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